Drink Beer, Stay Clear

Lucid Brewing Co. is a new brewery delivering world-class NA beers for those who want to make the most out of life. Our goal is to create the most delicious, refreshing, and accessible NA beer for the beer lovers who want to drink less.

Launching in the coming months, we want to give you early access and special promotions.

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Lucid Brewing Co.


Our Story

Lucid Brewing Co. started out of a realization that as we were getting older, drinking beers and staying productive was getting harder. We love beer – the taste, the social aspect, the relaxation that comes with it. So, we aimed to create something that gave us the same feeling, without clouding our minds. We exist to help keep the togetherness AND the productivity flowing. This is not a replacement, just a substitute for when you need it.

Why NA Beer?
It’s Delicious and Refreshing

This is not your father’s NA beer. Forget the O’Doul’s and the Heineken Zero’s, NA beer is not supposed to be a step down in taste and feel. NA beer should be flavorful, refreshing, and leave you wanting another.We use the finest ingredients to create complex, sophisticated, and diverse flavors that satisfy in just the right way.

It Helps You Get It Done

As we’ve gotten older and taken on more responsibilities we’ve recognized the importance of staying sharp. Whether you have to take your kids to practice later or you have an important meeting, being on top of your game is important. NA beer is here to help you find that balance between relaxation and getting sh*t done. Stay Lucid.

It’s Anti-Beer Goggles

There is no blurry vision here. We help our champions see things more clearly and accurately. We love beer, but sometimes we need to keep our heads on straight and keep our eyes sharp. NA Beer lets us kick back with family and friends without running the risk of missing important social queues. Touchy inlaws? Try an NA.

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