Tap That Thursday – “Willamette” Pale Ale

Tap That Thursday – “Willamette” Pale Ale


March 2, 2017 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Three Notch’d Brewing Company

520 2nd St. SE

Easing into this spot of warm weather with this easy-drinking, on the lighter side, crisp pale ale. That’s right, Willamette Pale Ale is back on tap!

“Willamette” Pale Ale
ABV 4.8 IBU 20

Named after the Willamette Valley in the Cascade Mountains, just south of Portland, OR, this classic hop is quite versatile as it has a variety of flavors it offers, from orange/citrus flavors, to soft, herbal/spice flavors. This delicate, light, refreshing ale is designed specifically to highlight this underappreciated hop.

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