Tap That Thursday – JazzFest

Tap That Thursday – JazzFest


April 27, 2017 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Three Notch’d Brewing Company

520 2nd St. SE

It’s that time of year! Kick off our Jazz Fest Celebration weekend with the release of Jazzfest, our sugarcane and pecan ale and get a taste of New Orleans from MWO Food Truck.

“Jazzfest” Sugarcane & Pecan Ale
5.0% ABV | 20 IBU
In honor of New Orleans, this beer was created by Jeff Vaughan; LSU Graduate, a former chef, Jazz musician, high school music teacher, an avid homebrewer and close friend and neighbor to our founding brewmaster Dave. This light-bodied amber ale has a rich, sweet finish highlighting the pure sugarcane and roasted pecans, backed by a caramel-like malt body.

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