Secret Stash Stout Re-Releases, Lush Cupcakes & Alamo BBQ

Secret Stash Stout Re-Releases, Lush Cupcakes & Alamo BBQ


February 10, 2018 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Three Notch’d RVA Collab House

2930 W Broad St Ste B

We tucked away a few of our favorites to bring back in one epic re-release! Biggie S’mores Imperial Stout, M.A.S.H. UP Blackberry Stout (collab w/ Mentoring Advanced Standards of Homebrewing (M.A.S.H.)) and New Lions Blonde Stout (collab w/ Clair Morgan) will be making their return on Saturday, February 10th and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Very limited quantities available so get em’ while they’re hot.

Also happening during the release, Lush Cupcakes will be here with our next installment of 1st Class Pints and has 3 of our favorite beer-infused flavors back to pair up with the stouts: Biggie S’mores, White Chocolate Latte and Blackberry cupcakes will be available for sale.

Lastly, RVA famous Alamo BBQ will be debuting at the collab house and their Texas style BBQ is excellent and not to be missed.

Delicious Stouts, Decadent Cupcakes and Dank BBQ, don’t miss out!

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