Dual Stout Release Weekend!

Dual Stout Release Weekend!


November 17, 2017 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Three Notch’d RVA Collab House

2930 W Broad St Ste B

We’ve got two killer stout releases this weekend and they are delicious. Join us Friday and Saturday for new releases, Live Music and 1st class flights with Truckle Cheesemongers on Saturday. Check out the details on the beers below, we are psyched for this one:

“M.A.S.H. Up”
Blackberry Stout
ABV: 8.2%
IBU: 65
Collaboration w/ M.A.S.H. Homebrew Club

Our blackberry stout is a collaboration with M.A.S.H. (Mentoring Advanced Standards of Homebrewing) Homebrew Club. In the outcome of a club competition, member Rick Mancinelli’s blackberry stout was selected to be brewed at the Collab House! M.A.S.H. Up is brewed with a variety of dark grains that lend notes of chocolate, roast and toast with a fairly reserved hop character from Centennial, Amarillo and El Dorado hops. Blackberries also provide a prominent flavor that pairs with the rich base and adds a light acidity. Last but not least, it was conditioned on vanilla beans and cacoa nibs before packaging!

Pint Specials on the Blackberry Stout from 4-7pm

“New Lions”
Blonde Stout
ABV: 6.9%
IBU: 29

A collaboration with local band Clair Morgan and a tribute to their album “New Lions and the Not-Good Night” which was listed in the top 50 albums of 2016! New Lions is brewed to be somewhat deceptive–while light in color, its mouthfeel and flavors are similar to those of a stout. Rather than relying on dark grains for its bready, chocolate, coffee notes, we achieved this with the use of coffee beans, cocoa nibs and vanilla. Lactose is also used to contribute to its smooth, creamy body.

1st Class Flights w/ Truckle Cheesemongers 130-430p
Wood Fired Pizza by Pizza Nostra RVA 2-7p
Live Music by Clair Morgan and Nick Coward @7pm

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