2018 SABD Collaboration Crawl

2018 SABD Collaboration Crawl


March 10, 2018 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Scott’s Addition, Richmond

The Scott’s Addition area has grown leaps and bounds and we now have 10 alcohol producers in the neighborhood. We established the Scott’s Addition Beverage District as a way to bring more attention to the area and what better way to do that than to work together to create some delicious recipes.

Don’t miss our 1st Annual SABD Collaboration Crawl on March 10th starting at 12pm. Each partner will be working together to make a Beer recipe and then work together to create a Cider, Mead or Spirit. The finished collaborations will be released at each location and will be amazing.

Grab a stamp card at your 1st stop and then hop around the neighborhood to try all 10 releases. Once you’ve received 5 stamps, turn in your stamp card at any location and be entered to win a $25 Gift Certificate at that location.

2018 Collaboration Partners:
Three Notch’d RVA & Courthouse Creek Cider
Blue Bee Cider & Ardent Craft Ales
Isley Brewing Company & Buskey Cider
Reservoir Distillery & Vasen Brewing Company
The Veil Brewing Co. & Black Heath Meadery

UPDATE: Here’s some info on a few of the collaborations, more to come!

Black Heath Meadery
“Double Barrel Weight of the World”
Bourbon Honey Mead aged an additional year in Buffalo Trace barrels
ABV: 15%
IBU: 0
Collaboration w/ The Veil Brewing Co.

Weight of the World starts with wildflower honey that was aged in bourbon barrels. That honey is fermented and then conditioned on Madagascar vanilla beans. Six months after it was started we bottled batch 1 for sale. We also took 55 gallons and transferred into a fresh bourbon barrel, where it aged an additional year.
Rich and boozy, this Weight was well worth the wait!

Three Notch’d RVA Collab House
“The Pink Lady”
Apple Gose w/ Hibiscus
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 11
Collaboration w/ Courthouse Creek Cider

The Pink Lady is our collaboration with Courthouse Creek Cider who produces cider in Goochland County and is currently building a tasting room a few blocks away from us in Scott’s Addition! Our gose is a melody of beer and cider with notes of crisp apple from the Pink Lady apple juice used in some of Courthouse Creek’s cider. The apple also contributes to a dry finish that pairs with the tangy sourness from Lactobacillus to create a quenchable, refreshing beer. Hibiscus rounds out the flavor with a sweet, floral character and provides the pink color.

Courthouse Creek Cider
“Samurai Sour”
6.5% ABV
Collaboration w/ Three Notch’d RVA Collab House

Fermented in the spirit of a gose style beer, this Asian Pear and apple cider is infused with coriander, hibiscus, and Himalayan sea salt (these three ingredients were also used by our co-collaborator, Three Notch’d). Named Samurai Sour as a hat-tip to Asian pear, which we have planted in our orchard, and also, for us, the Samurai exemplifies determination, pride, loyalty, and uniqueness of spirit—all qualities we admire.

Available on tap at The Circuit for the Crawl. Bottle release to occur at a later date at our Goochland farm location.

Buskey Cider
“Stout Cider”
Stout Inspired Hard Cider
ABV: 6.5%
Collaboration w/ Isley Brewing Company

The Stout Cider is a beer inspired cider made with some common ingredients from dark beers, namely coffee beans, cocoa nibs and husks, and Belgian candi, giving this beverage its signature dark color and robust, roasty taste. This gluten free collaboration was made with Isley Brewing Company using the same ale yeast strain as their collaboration.

Isley Brewing Company
“Apples Anonymous”
Golden Ale fermented with fresh, raw Apple Juice
ABV: 7% IBUs: 8
Collaboration w/ Buskey Cider

A simple golden ale, minimally hopped, and brewed in a traditional fashion. Then we added roughly 100 gallons of fresh pressed juice, blending golden delicious, red delicious, and pink lady varietals. 49% juice, 51% wort, and American ale yeast bubbled away, and left us with a finished brew that we find quite unique. A strong, apple forward flavor, combined with a little sweetness from the malt, but balanced on the palate, with the dry finish of a cider.

Blue Bee Cider
Maple Brandy Barrel-Aged Hopsap Shandy
ABV 9.5%
Collaboration w/ Ardent Craft Ales

We started with the 2016 vintage of Hopsap Shandy, which was dry-hopped with Cascade, Citra, and Columbus hops provided by Ardent Craft Ales. This cider was then aged for almost three months in one of our apple brandy barrels that previously held maple syrup from Back Creek Farms, a Virginia maple syrup producer. The finished cider will be still (uncarbonated) and perfectly balances a rich complexity from the hops, maple syrup, and apple brandy. This collaboration will be served on draft in Blue Bee Cider’s tasting room.

Ardent Craft Ales
Double Barrel Collaboration Ale
7.4% ABV
Collaboration w/ Blue Bee Cider

This sour red ale started in some previously used sour barrels out in the Donkey Barn. Then we transferred it all to a Catoctin Creek rye barrel, added a bunch of blackberry puree, and let it age. Double Barrel Collaboration Ale pours a beautiful ruby color, with a moderate tartness and fruity sweetness that are tempered by notes of rye from the final barrel.
Draft only

Väsen Brewing Company
Rye Barrel Aged Quad
ABV: 11.6%
IBU: 7
Collaboration w/ Reservoir Distillery

This limited release is our collaboration with our close friends and bitter ping-pong rivals at Reservoir Distillery. We conditioned this big abbey-style ale on a generous addition of Vermont maple syrup and aged it in Reservoir Rye Whiskey barrels to produce a strong, dark, and dangerously smooth brew. Subtle rye spice, rich maple, and notes of plum and apricot lead to a complex finish with hints of toffee, cherries, and dark chocolate.

On tap for a limited time in Väsen’s taproom starting Saturday 3/10.

Reservoir Distillery
All of our mash up series will be available for tastings and bottle sales:
Mashup #1 Ardent IPA
Mashup #2 Hardywood gingerbread stout
Mashup #4 Black Heath Mead

We will be making a black tea with orange infused distilled mead from Black Heath Meadery.

More details on what’s being released as we get closer, stay tuned and save the date!

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