Nephology is the study of clouds, but at Three Notch’d Brewing Company, ‘nephology’ is the study of cloudy beers. With so many cloudy, juicy, hazy IPAs out there, how do you really know which one is king? We can’t try them all, but we can do a bit of experimentation in our own brewery!

With that being said, we’re on the hunt for the King of Clouds Juicy IPA. We’re talking the freshest, smoothest, fruitiest Juicy IPA you ever did taste. Could it be this very beer that you’re sipping on now? We’re counting on you to let us know! We’re releasing a new Juicy IPA each month as part of our limited edition Nephology Series, and at the end of the year, we’ll announce the crowd favorite!

Twelve beers, but there can only be one winner. This is your chance to #LeaveYourMark on Three Notch’d Brewing Company!

Batch No. 1

Batch No. 2

Batch No. 3

Batch No. 4

Batch No. 5

Batch No. 6

Batch No. 7

Batch No. 8

Batch No. 9

Batch No. 10

Batch No. 11

Batch No. 12