No Veto English Brown Ale

Year Round
About This Beer

Give me liberty, or give me death! Our tribute to Patrick Henry, who not only left his mark on Virginia history, but was also one of our most beloved Founding Fathers. Henry led the opposition to the Stamp Act, but he was also central to arguing in a Virginia court against the King’s right to veto colonial laws. The Crown’s veto was nullified in his efforts and his argument was the first notch in a young Patrick Henry’s career. Cheers to the break from the Crown, Patty! Hope you enjoy our English Brown Ale as a tribute!

This Northern English Brown Ale is filled with a variety of English malts giving it  great caramel, nutty, toffee flavors with a touch of chocolate and even espresso. The English Hops offer the perfect balance to the complex malt sweetness, providing an earthy/grassy hop finish.

Gold medal winner at 2015 Virginia Brewers Cup.


Style: English Brown Ale

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 30


Hops: Warrior, Willamette

Malts: 2-Row, Brown Malt, Amber Malt, Dark Crystal, Chocolate

Other Info:

Release Date: September 2013