Three Notch’d Brewing Company’s RVA Collab House aims to leave our mark by sharing the stories of groups and individuals in the Richmond community through the art of craft beer. Details: Collaborating group will be credited in the beer description, mentioned in the Brewer’s toast and throughout social media outlets. Three Notch’d Brewing Company reserves the rights to all beer recipes. On brew day, a maximum of 5 people may be present at any given time. Full group is welcome for post-brew photo opportunities. Participating group will have the option to purchase some the collaboration beer at wholesale or retail price depending on use.

Naming of Beer: The collaborator is encouraged to help provide ideas for the beer name, in conjunction with the brewer. The beer name should be related to the founding story or an important story that represents the group’s mission. If you’re a homebrewer or individual tell a story about your passion. Leave your mark should be a central theme to all beer names.

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What category best represents your group?